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“Avatar: The Way of Water” Tops $538 Million Domestically

Avatar: The Way of Water is poised to win its sixth weekend at the domestic box office after another good weekend-to-weekend hold. After making $7 million on its fifth Friday, the epic science-fiction sequel has made $538 million in the United States. Still, it’s doing better than the first Avatar, which had made about $500 million by the same time.

The picture will cross $550 million domestically by Sunday. Hopefully, it will reach $566 million by the end of the four-day MLK weekend. But Avatar: The Way of Water might use a boost. Estimated $29 million over the regular three-day weekend and $36 million over the four-day holiday period would do the trick. However, it is down only 36% from the previous weekend. It’s 2022’s highest-grossing film, with almost $1.7 billion worldwide.

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Even though it hasn’t made as much money domestically as Top Gun: Maverick, which made $718 million. It will pass The Lion King remake’s lifetime total of $543 million by Sunday. This will put it at number 13 on the all-time list. The picture has surpassed The Dark Knight ($535 million) to become the 14th highest-grossing domestic film of all time.

Thanks to great reviews and strong word-of-mouth, Universal’s M3GAN will take the second spot. It is unusual for a horror movie. After a $4.8 million second Friday, the scary doll movie with sci-fi elements is expected to earn around $17.5 million over the next three days. Nonetheless, it is a drop of about 42% from the previous weekend. Over the extended four-day period, there is a projection of this movie making over $20 million. It will increase its domestic total to just under $60 million. That’s a good showing for a $12 million film and another win for Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Pictures.

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