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Conte Claims Unfair Blame, Defends Against Criticism: Not Solely My Fault

Antonio Conte, Tottenham Manager, Argues Against Single Blame for Team’s Struggles: Conte Claims Unfair Blame.

Spurs have dropped five of their last nine league matches. Recently to league leaders Arsenal, who they fell to by a score of 2-0 on Sunday.

They’re down in fifth place now and have a tough matchup against Manchester City on Thursday.

The English have a “poor habit,” according to Conte, of blaming “just the coach [who] talks and explains.” Which is unfair.

Never once have I seen anyone from the hospital’s medical staff make an appearance to clarify things. There has never been a presentation by the club or the sporting director to explain the goals or direction of the team.

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Every Italian club sends a representative to meet with the press before every game.

The boss thinks it will be better if the club finds another face to explain the problem, like a media representative.

More to Know About “Conte Claims Unfair Blame” News

Furthermore, the Italian stated, “I think it could be good for the club to be present in the media.

Not once a week, but once every two weeks, or once a month at the most. I wish things were clearer to you because otherwise, it would sound like I’m being negative or critical when that’s not the case.

Spurs have only won 10 out of their previous 27 matches, putting them five points behind Newcastle United for third and four games behind fourth-place Manchester United, who still have a game in hand.

It’s hard to explain since we’re doing everything we can in this scenario, but if there’s criticism, we have to take it, added Conte.

This club has a great mentality, but winning is about more than just that. That is why Conte Claims unfair blame.

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