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Top 5 Holiday Spots In France For Family Trips

Holiday Spots In France For Family Trips For A Great Vacation

There are many great holiday spots in France for family trips. Paris, France. You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen pictures of it, you’ve heard about the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. But have you ever been there? Paris is a world-class city where families can see some of the most beautiful sites on earth. However, if you’re looking for a more down-to-earth experience with your family in Europe’s capital city, then there are many other alternatives which you can consider as well! Here are some of our favorite destinations:

Best Selected Holiday Spots In France For Family Trips

Paris is the best city for a family vacation. It has a lot of museums and historical sites, lots of entertainment options, and dining choices. The selected 5 best spots are-

  1. Paris-The Town Of Lights
  2. Dordogne – Castles, Caves, and Adventure Parks
  3. Montpellier – Student City with Stunning Center Square
  4. Alsace
  5. Pays Basque

Paris – The Town of Lights

Paris is known as the capital city of the country “France” and also as the most popular tourist destination in the world. The town has been a center for art, science, and culture since medieval times, attracting visitors from all over the world.


Paris’ landmarks are among some of the most famous in the world: Notre Dame Cathedral with its flying buttresses and gargoyles; Sacre Coeur Basilica on Montmartre Hill; Arc de Triomphe at Place Charles de Gaulle (formerly Place des Victoires); Louvre Museum, which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” painting; Champs Elysees Avenue with its luxury shops; Jardin du Luxembourg Park with its children’s play area (pond) & fountain at Rue Guynemer Street corner with Avenue Mozart between Metro stations Vavin & Odéon on Line 6 (Blue Line), Trams 4 & 6 stop at Luxembourg station near Luxembourg Garden entrance gates to Pompidou Centre Museum on Rue St Martin near Boulevard St Michel near Metro station Saint Germain des Pres while Pont Neuf Bridge stands above River Seine close to Rue Rivoli between Boulevard Rambuteau and Place Pigalle metro stations on Line 1 – Blue Line (Green Line B – Yellow Line).

Dordogne – Castles, Caves, and Adventure Parks

Dordogne is a region in the southwest of France. It is known for its castle, caves, and adventure parks. It is a popular tourist destination and makes a great place for a family holiday.

There are lots of places to see in this area. This includes some spectacular castles, like Beynac, which has been restored as an open-air museum with exhibits depicting life in medieval times. To see prehistoric caverns filled with stalactites and stalagmites built over thousands of years, you may visit the Grotte du Pech Merle.!


If you prefer your trips or adventures on dry land, then there are plenty of activities available too. They are canoeing or kayaking down the rivers; outdoor climbing at Le Pont D’Arc. There you will be able to walk into the Grand Canyon chasm; quad biking through miles of forest trails; horse riding along meandering streams or canals – whatever takes your fancy!

Montpellier – Student City with Stunning Center Square

Montpellier is a dynamic city with a vibrant student population, and it’s also the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The city center is beautiful and well-maintained.

The biggest attraction in Montpellier is its gorgeous old town square called Place de la Comédie. There are many shops, restaurants, and cafés on this square. This makes it an ideal place for families to explore together. You can also visit many fascinating museums here. Such as The Museum of Archaeology and Natural History or The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC).

If you want to get out into nature, then why not visit one of the nearby beaches like Palavas Plage or Carnon Plage? This way you can spend some time relaxing by the sea while also staying close enough so that everyone can return home for lunch if needed!

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Alsace is a historical region in eastern France, south of Germany, and west of Switzerland. France seized what had been a territory of the old Holy Roman Empire after the French Revolution. The capital city is Strasbourg, which has been home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1988.

The region’s most famous product is Alsacian wine, which comes in many different styles depending on where it’s produced (the best vineyards are classified as Grand Cru). In the past, the region has also been known as “the land of a thousand castles” thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, architecture, and history – there are over 200 castles still standing today!

Pays Basque

Pays Basque is a region in the southwest of France known for its beaches and scenery. Biarritz is its main attraction, with beautiful beaches and a surfing culture that draws many visitors from across Europe.

Pays Basque
Pays Basque

It also has a cultural history, with numerous art museums to visit. Such as The Museum of Fine Arts—its collection spans from the 13th century to the present day. This includes works by artists such as Picasso. Other attractions include the Casino Barriere D’Auteuil, which has been operating since 1853 and offers more than 500 gaming tables; or you can take advantage of some great shopping opportunities at La Maison De Charme Des Augustins or La Boutique Des 3 Fourrures, which both sell high-quality goods!

The Final Words

We hope you have got our list of Holiday Spots In France For Family Trips so much useful. The country has so much and so many things to offer. And it is full of beautiful scenery, friendly people, and great food. We would really be happy and love to hear about your favorite places to visit as well, so please comment below with your thoughts on where you think people should go when they come here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where in France is a suitable place for a family vacation?

Paris. Despite its reputation as a romantic getaway destination, Paris is also an excellent destination for families. There’s something for everyone in this city’s museums, parks, shops, and restaurants.

Is France a good place to visit with children?

It’s a great place to take your family on vacation. The land is stunning, the cuisine is delectable, the people are kind, and there is a wide range of things to see and do to suit any traveler’s tastes.

How kid-friendly is the southern region of France?

Many wineries, golf courses, and gourmet cheese stores may be found in the neighborhood, but its charms extend far beyond these “mature” establishments. If you know where to look, the south of France has a plethora of family-friendly activities.

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