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Kabul suicide bombing outside foreign ministry

Our correspondent reported a Kabul suicide bombing. A suicide bomber set off an explosion outside the Afghan foreign ministry in Kabul, killing many people.

Police report the killing of at least five people in the Kabul suicide bombing. But another Taliban official estimated as many as twenty.

The Islamic State’s local offshoot in Kenya, known as Isis-K, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

This follows a spate of explosions in which foreign interests were the intended target. The area is home to the embassies of a number of different countries, including Turkey and China.

The Taliban claimed the incident occurred at around 16:00 local time (11:30 GMT) when the bomber attempted but failed to infiltrate the ministry building itself.

Jamshed Karimi, a motorist who was waiting outside the ministry, stated, “I saw the man blowing himself up.”

Mr. Karimi reported to AFP that he had witnessed a man carrying a bag and a gun slung over his shoulder. A loud explosion occurred seconds after he drove by my car.

No major structural damage was visible on the exterior of the structure. There was also damage to glass panes at the adjoining interior ministry from the blast.

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However, the Italian Emergency NGO in Kabul reported that they had received more than 40 wounded persons and that the death toll was still rising.

Police in Kabul issued a statement calling the incident “cowardly” and promising justice for its perpetrators.

A statement sent on Telegram reports the killing of 20 people by ISIS-K. This was self-proclaimed by that militant group. There was also an unsubstantiated accusation that “many ‘diplomatic’ staffers” were killed.

There were indications that a Chinese group was meeting with Afghan authorities in the foreign ministry building. This is where the attack took place.

The prime minister’s office, however, assured AFP that no foreigners were there, according to a senior official.

The Taliban have been seeking to entice investment from neighboring countries, but recent months have seen a wave of attacks against foreigners or international businesses.

Isis-K gets all the blame for most of the dozens of explosions that have occurred since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan last year.

According to reporters, the Taliban frequently lie about the number of people killed in attacks. But there’s no hiding of Kabul suicide bombing this time.

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