Medical Assistant EKG (CET) Certification: All You Need To Know

Medical Assistant EKG (CET) Certification: All You Need To Know

Medical Assistant EKG (CET)

A Medical Assistant EKG (CET) Certification might help you land a job in the medical field that requires a higher level of expertise. Alternatively, you may be searching for “EKG Certification near me.” You might also be aiming to specialize in a certain field. As a Certified EKG Technician (CET), you might be on the road to a rewarding profession.

In the battle against heart disease, a medical assistant who holds a CET certification is an important player. This alone establishes the value of a CET’s work to patients. The CET Certification may be “worth it” for your career goals for a variety of reasons.

Obtaining your EKG (CET) Certification while also working on your Medical Assistant certifications is possible. A medical assistant education program may even offer EKG Certification training or even a concentration program.

Are the benefits of earning a Medical Assistant EKG (CET) credential worth it?

If you’re considering a career in medical assisting, you might want to learn more about the requirements for CET certification first. Here you can see the differences in the requirements for CET certification and medical assistant certification.

Health care facilities employ medical assistants to perform both administrative and clinical duties.1 Certified medical assistant, on the other hand, may be able to do a wider range of responsibilities. Employers at medical offices and the numerous clinics where medical assistants work may value these responsibilities higher. Also, Candidates who have completed an EKG Certification course or passed a certification exam may also be preferred by medical assistant employers.

It’s possible to get an EKG certification while studying for a medical assisting degree. There are also schools that offer both! Even if you don’t find work as a medical assistant after graduation, earning your CET certification during your training might be worth it.

Getting a degree in medical assistance usually takes a year or so at a community college or vocational school, technical school, or university. In most cases, these programs lead to a certificate or diploma.


If you want to work as a certified EKG technician, earning your CET certification may be well worth your time and effort.

Before searching for ‘EKG Certification near me,’ do some study on what EKG Technicians do.

The following are examples of the work that an EKG technician with certification can do:

  • Perform EKGs and stress testing as needed.
  • Assist patients in preparing for Holter or ambulatory monitoring appointments.
  • Organize and distribute the final results to doctors for further study.
  • Set up appointments with patients.
  • Transcribing medical records

Additionally, you may be wondering where medical assistants may find employment. Moreover, Medical assistants aren’t restricted to working in a single type of facilities like a hospital or a clinic. Medical Assistant certifications might affect where you land a job. They can work in a variety of settings such as doctors’ offices; hospitals; outpatient care centers; chiropractic offices; and other healthcare facilities.

The moment has come for you to enroll in a CET concentration in conjunction with your Medical Assistant qualification.


It is possible to prepare for the CET Certification examination by completing allied health education programs. It might even be a requirement!

EKG technician training or education programs completed within the last five years are eligible for CET test eligibility. The ability to focus on CET Certification as part of your Medical Assistant study may be of huge value. CET Certification criteria can be met within this time frame if you have obtained your Medical Assistant certification.

Whether you’re looking into becoming a medical assistant, see if any schools provide EKG training. Alternatively, seek a school that focuses on CET Certification as a degree option. You will learn the fundamentals of becoming a medical assistant and be eligible to take the certification exam after completing this course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does a Medical Assistant have the ability to do an EKG?

Yes, A medical assistant can do an EKG. Additionally, certified MAs do most of the EKGs nowadays.

What is the duration of the NHA EKG Examination?

The duration of the NHA EKG examination is actually 2 hours. Also, you have to give the exam being physically present.

Where can you attend the NHA EKG Exam?

You can attend the NHA EKG exam at your educational institution which can be a school. Moreover, it can take place at the PSI testing center.

How many marks do you need to pass an EKG Examination?

You have to score at least 80 to pass the NHA EKG Certification Examination. In addition to that, It can be tough to score this mark if you don’t have great preparation.

What is the full form of EKG?

The full form of EKG is Electrocardiogram. It is a type of test which is done on patients.

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