MLB And MLBPA New Bigger Bases Necessity

MLB And MLBPA New Bigger Bases Necessity

MLB And MLBPA now need bigger bases. Major League Baseball’s lockout still is stretching on while the two parties negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. However, there are a few rule modifications in the next CBA which have already been agreed upon by both sides.

On Sunday, the MLB Players Association issued a proposal that allows the league to make three changes: abolish the defensive shift, institute a pitch clock and have wider bases, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

Banning the shift and establishing a pitch clock is clearly comprehensible. The league and players want to improve the action on the field by taking away the shift (thus increasing hits) and making pitchers move quicker.

Having larger bases is a little bit more of in-depth consideration.

Why should the bases be bigger?

First of all and foremost, MLB believes making the bases broader would lead to fewer injuries on the basepaths. It’s a reasonable argument: the bigger the base, the more space runners will have to glide past defenders. Therefore, the league is expecting there will be fewer clashes between runners and defenders. MLB also thinks the enlarged bases would result in an increase in stolen bases.

How much larger will the bases get?

MLB originally raised the issue of raising the bases up in 2021. It led to the league sanctioning and trying out wider bases in Triple-A games. “The dimensions of first, second and third base will all be raised from 15 inches square – 18 inches square,” Yahoo Sports reported last year.

Why larger bases may fix an unpleasant feature of games

There is (nearly) absolutely nothing wrong in an MLB game than having a player beat the ball to a bag, yet overslide and get tagged out. As an article from the New York Post in 2021 pointed out, larger bases will likely alleviate the issue.

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