Renowned Bullet CCTV Camera Price You Must Know

Renowned Bullet CCTV Camera Price You Must Know

Have you ever wondered which is the best bullet camera for your home, business, and/or shop? The answer is that it depends on your need and bullet CCTV camera price. The fact is that as I reviewed before, in the cameras market range, there are a lot of different brands and models available, from cheap models to more expensive ones with more advanced features. The same applies to the cameras we find under the category of best bullet CCTV camera prices.

Best Bullet CCTV Camera Price At Present

Dahua 2MP CCTV Camera

The Dahua 2MP bullet CCTV camera brings affordable 1080P resolution to the Dahua OEM line. The camera features an integrated OSD menu, 3D-NR, and HLC. The image is clear at day or night with 0.001 lux sensitivity. It comes in a price range between 36 Dollars to 44 Dollars.

This is one of the best outdoor bullet CCTV cameras. It has all in one functions: AHD, TVI, CV, and analog (NTSC) and optional features (12.0FPS, 3D-NR). This camera provides high-quality video day or night with 0.001 lux at night and 12 FPS even under poor lighting conditions, which makes this camera the right choice for most applications.

TP-Link Tapo C100

The 1080p video resolution of the TP-Link Tapo C100 security camera is a feature that makes it outstanding. When motion detection happens, the security camera’s alarm system activates, illuminating and audibly alerting the user. It incorporates a Night Vision mode that should offer coverage of up to 30-feet during the night. Both audio and video are said to be two-way with motion detection. The Tapo C100 security camera from TP-Link delivers a comprehensive range of security functions at a low cost. Moreover, The bullet CCTV Camera TP-Link Tapo C100 Price can be between 42 and 50 dollars.

CP PLUS Bullet CCTV Camera System

The CP Plus security camera comes with a 2.4MP lens that offers footage recording with a coverage area of up to 20m. You may also watch the recording online at your convenience. Moreover, the bullet camera is certified IP67 making it waterproof. It promises to record at night as well and can give a maximum frame rate of 30fps. The CP Plus security camera is an excellent choice for a security camera for home or workplace. The price of this bullet CCTV Camera can be between 28 and 32 dollars varying at different shops.

Hikvision DS-2CE1AC0T-IRPF

Using a 1MP lens, the Hikvision security camera can capture video at 720P quality. It promises to cover an area of up to 20m from the point of installation. It is waterproof due to its IP66 rating. The camera has to be wall-mounted and its footage may be monitored online. The Hikvision security camera is a perfect alternative for keeping an eye on the surrounds of your house. It has a very cheap price point starting from only 18 Dollars.

IP 67 Imou

When the light is dim, the Night Vision function on the Imou IP 67 security camera captures images in both black-and-and-white and color. It is touted to survive adverse weather conditions with its IP67 classification which makes it incredibly robust. Humans can be detected and an alarm sent to your mobile phone. It is claimed that the camera’s built-in microphone records audio clearly with the video. It comes with a price starting from 64 Dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bullet CCTV Camera Price

What actually is a bullet CCTV Camera?

A bullet CCTV camera is a kind of camera that is used widely for security purposes. It is small in size and easy to install.

What are the lowest bullet CCTV Camera prices?

The lowest bullet CCTV camera price can be between 20 and 40 dollars. It also has different varieties which fluctuate the Bullet CCTV Cameras price.

What is the highest bullet CCTV price?

Actually, there isn’t any fixed amount which we can tell as the highest bullet CCTV price. The highest one comes with great features and the price can be between 250 and 300 dollars.

Are the bullet CCTV Cameras worth the price?

It is not possible to describe the whole camera in a FAQ. But from its price point and features provided, it can be a great choice and we can say it to be a great CCTV camera worth the price.

What are the alternative names of a bullet CCTV Camera?

There are so many alternative names for a bullet CCTV Camera as it is compared to many other items. Some people call it a lipstick camera as it has a shape like a lipstick shell. The main name “Bullet CCTV Camera” has arrived from the word bullet as its shape is like a bullet of a rifle.

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