Rosalía have the Most Crazy Shoe Collections

Rosalía have the Most Crazy Shoe Collections

Rosalía have the Most Crazy Shoe Collections

Rosalía have the Most Crazy Shoe Collections. No one Has a Better Shoe Game Than Rosalía. Picture might contain Clothing Apparel Footwear Shoe Human Person and Rosalía

Rosalía is a design chameleon. Recently, Rosalía posted an Instagram of herself in a yellow sunflower dress (by Heaven by Marc Jacobs) matched with thick, drag sole Prada loafers. A look could undoubtedly have worn during the ’90s-the ideal combination of cutesy and messy. In any case, don’t call that her style signature. Simply a month earlier, the artist additionally wore a couple of pink, frilly, over-the-knee boots by GCDS, styling it with a curiously large white tee for even more a goofy, silly energy. Rosalía is the seasoned veteran at causing us to remain alert and her shoes have a major impact in this flexible way to deal with dressing.

As her different fit pics have shown us, Rosalia’s shoe assortment is diversity at its best.

No shoe is untouchable. She will shake a couple of exemplary Nike Air Force Ones one day, and slip into an amazing pair of Rick Owens stages the following. That says, her footwear decisions truly do have a throughline: The gathering is dependably about the assertion shoe. At the point when she as of late presented under a curve, for example, she utilized a wide-point focal point, as to additional attract the eye down to her white Margiela Tabi boots, which have a parted toe detail. At the point when she relaxed around at home, her fluffy slides were additionally up front (alongside her rabbit ear protective cap).

Goodness to shop in her shoe storeroom. Regardless of the style energy you’re attempting to exemplify, she’d have the ideal completing tennis shoe, heel, or boot to go with it. At the point when she wore a larger than usual blue overcoat in December, she matched it with Eytys’ thick Impreza boots to give it a cooler, more young touch. She’s even raised a Canadian Tuxedo with glossy silk, square toe boot. In the event that there’s something missing, it’s really the presence of a straightforward, scarcely there, humble stiletto. Yet, something lets us know Rosalía isn’t into prudent fundamentals. She’s tied in with having that energy and we cheer it!

Underneath, a greater amount of Rosalía’s best shoe minutes.


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