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Russia violates self-declared ceasefire by attacking Ukraine

Russia violated a unilateral, self-declared truce for Orthodox Christmas on Saturday, killing at least two people.

The United States said that it would equip Ukraine with $3.75 billion in weapons and other supplies. This includes the delivery of the first batch of Bradley “tank killers.”

The daily La Repubblica said that Washington wanted Italy to deliver air defense systems to Ukraine.

The new vehicles coupled with comparable cargo from Germany and Patriot missiles from both nations. It shows solidarity between the west and Kyiv. There are rumors that Moscow may be planning a new mobilization to increase the size of the invading army.

Ukraine needs air defense to safeguard civilian infrastructure from Russia and greater military help to push through Russia’s hardened frontier lines. Officials say they need 600 to 700 IAVs and 300 tanks.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense claimed some of the worst fightings occurred near Kremina in Luhansk.

Even in the winter, the conifer forest gives cover, so “it’s likely that both sides are having trouble adjusting their artillery fire accurately.”

Russia is probably trying to take over the eastern city of Bakhmut, but Ukrainian forces have stopped them. This is why there is pressure in the area.

Fighting has damaged most of the city and taken numerous lives, including a 66-year-old male and a 61-year-old woman. According to reports, there were 13 injury cases.

More to Know

Ukraine’s government called the unilateral ceasefire a Kremlin ploy after heavy attacks on December 25 and during the holidays.

The Russian-installed governor of the Crimean city of Sevastopol said that air defenses had shot down a Ukrainian drone. It was attempting to strike the port.

The orthodox church of Ukraine permits followers to celebrate Christmas on 25 December.

Ukrainian Orthodox priests performed a symbolic Christmas liturgy in Ukrainian at the 1,000-year-old Pechersk Lavra monastery in Kyiv.

The cathedral and monastery complex on the riverbank of the Dnieper has served as a destination for religious worshippers. It’s serving the purpose for centuries.

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Basically, Moscow-aligned priests controlled it until Thursday. Those priests have accusations like pro-Kremlin inclinations.

Ukraine’s government took seized the property and let the church use it for Christmas.

A ceremony in the Ukrainian language was conducted there for the first time in the country’s 31 years of independence. And soldiers wearing their uniforms were among those who sang well-known Ukrainian songs.

Oksana Abu-Akel termed it “a first triumph” for Ukraine and a milestone in the Ukrainian Orthodox church’s efforts to cut ties with Russia after Moscow initiated the war ten months ago.

“We now have our own service after 300 years.” Joy is universal. She told AP it’s a win for all Ukrainians.

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