Ukrainian Airstrike Hit On The Russian-held Airport

Ukrainian Airstrike Hit On The Russian-held Airport

Satellite photographs from Planet Labs PBC have been examined by The Associated Press. It indicates a suspected Ukrainian airstrike hit on the Russian-held Airport (Kherson International Airport) and Air Base. It burned many helicopters and set vehicles on fire.

The photographs Tuesday at the dual-use airstrip show dense black smoke billowing overhead from the blazes. At least three helicopters looked to be on fire, as well as multiple cars. At a surface further away, other choppers appeared significantly affected from an initial strike.

The Ukrainian president’s office stated that battle had resumed near Kherson airport on Tuesday, with “powerful blasts” pounding the region over the course of the day. They stated they were examining damage in the region, without elaborating.

Also, Kherson is roughly 450 kilometres (275 miles) southeast of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Meanwhile, satellite photographs Tuesday of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in Enerhodar, Ukraine, showed no damage to the site’s six reactors after Russian soldiers engaged in a gunfight to take the facility. Zaporizhzhia is Europe’s largest nuclear power facility and the conflict prompted worries about safety there.

Zaporizhzhia is around the same distance and direction as Kherson from Kyiv. Residents in the region are erecting barricades and setting up fire positions.

In the incident of the Ukrainian Airstrike hit on the Russian-held Airport, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s administration claimed around 4,000 cars departed Mariupol in the first significant evacuation from the beleaguered southern city, while most of the convoy stayed the evening on the road out toward Zaporizhzhia.

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