Why Bullet CCTV Camera Different From Other Cameras?

Why Bullet CCTV Camera Different From Other Cameras?

Named from its shape, the bullet CCTV camera name comes from the fact that it looks like a bullet or rifle barrel. As its name implies, this CCTV camera is designed for long-range use due to its long body, wide-angle lens, and high-performance optical zoom lens.

It’s critical to understand your hardware options before installing CCTV cameras in your house or company. What is the size and kind of property that will be outfitted? Inside or outdoors, where is the principal area of surveillance? Is there a limit to what you may do with your property? In order to choose which CCTV cameras are best for you, you must first determine what your security needs are.

We’ll look at the bullet CCTV camera’s features and how they differ from those of other cameras in this piece.


Named from its shape, the bullet CC camera’s name comes from the fact that it looks like a bullet or rifle barrel. As its name implies, makers have designed this camera for long-range use due to its long body, wide-angle lens, and high-performance optical zoom lens. The bullet camera is the best camera style for monitoring parking lots, open fields, and other vast locations that require a greater surveillance range.
Domes, turrets, and other types of security cameras have features that bullet camera does not.


Although the origin of the phrase “bullet camera” is unknown. The first CCTV cameras were created in Germany in the early 1940s by a guy called Walter Bruch, who is credited with coining the term. These early video cameras, like today’s CCTV cameras, were primarily employed for long-distance surveillance. Observers and scientists were able to watch from a safe distance thanks to their ability to monitor weapons tests. Live monitoring was the sole utility for these early cameras because they didn’t record any footage. However, in the coming decades, a broad technological revolution would fix this.

Later, the U.S. and Britain used the CCTV camera for nuclear weapons testing on a far larger scale. And for heightened security measures around the royal family and popular areas of London, such as railway stations.

Businesses were finally able to capture their security feeds in 1969 when video cassette cassettes were commercially available. Later in the late 1970s, cassettes displaced the most convenient means of recording and viewing film. DVRs, the first of which many people now use to record and playback video footage, were the next step in the development of the technology. People now use CCTV cameras now even more widely. Thanks to cloud computing, which uses remote access capabilities to store data elsewhere.


The design of the bullet camera is more flexible than that of the dome security camera. It has a secure attachment to its surface. Because of its robotic neck and specially designed body, it is possible to adjust the direction in which the camera points after installation, removing the stress of possible mistakes.


Because of their wide field of vision, We use a CCTV camera most often outside, despite their portability. Because of its weather-resistant design, outdoor bullet cameras don’t have to worry about damage to electrical components by rain or excessive heat.

Configuration of Bullet CCTV cameras for home, office, and industry

We may mount a bullet CCTV camera practically anyplace, as previously said. Using a bullet camera in a big warehouse or factory where long-range surveillance is necessary is an ideal indoor location. However, a dome-shaped CCTV camera with a wide-angle lens is more suited for use in homes and small businesses.

When compared to dome cameras, the mounting options for bullet cameras are substantially broader, allowing for more creative placement options. For one thing, the way it looks can serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves.


There are a number of “sub-genres” of bullet CC cameras to pick from, just as music genres and sub-genres.

  • Bullet CC camera that captures footage using DVRs, or analog cameras.
  • IP bullet cameras that use a network wire and an NVR to perform more effectively.
  • Infrared night vision bullet cameras
  • AI-enabled and motion-sensing bullet CC camera
  • Optimized optical zoom for bullet cameras

This diversity of characteristics makes bullet cameras incredibly diversified in nature, giving one for every sort of security circumstance.

To summarize, there are various pros. And just a couple of negatives of buying a bullet security camera for your house or company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Domes or bullet CC cameras: which is superior?

However, the bullet camera is better suited for the long-distance video while the dome camera is better suited for short-distance video but has a wider field of view. These cameras have LEDs that allow them to function in low-light conditions.

How reliable are bullet CC cameras?

Bullet surveillance cameras can accommodate a bigger lens because of their design, making them an effective outdoor Bullet CCTV camera for capturing fine details at longer distances. As a result, vast outdoor spaces like parking lots and traffic crossings may be seen well at night.

Bullet CC cameras are used for what?

Small, bullet-shaped CC cameras are used for security purposes. The term is based on the fact that these cameras are so compact that they resemble bullets. In most cases, the camera is a part of a larger monitoring system. Businesses and individuals may use these cameras to keep an eye on their properties for suspicious activities.

What are the best places to put a bullet CC camera to use?

Bullet CCTV cameras are good for long-distance surveillance. It may be used as a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at distant things, such as license plates or individuals. The bullet camera is normally installed on a wall, however, certain models may also be installed on ceilings.

When comparing PTZ and bullet CCTV cameras, what is the difference?

Since they’re water-resistant and have a greater range, bullet CCTV cameras are ideal for large outside areas like backyards or parking lots. Outside or in very large indoor locations, PTZ security cameras are commonly used since they capture a far wider field of vision than regular cameras.

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