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Daraz case study – Transforming E-Commerce in South Asia

  1. Logistics and Infrastructure: Daraz operates in regions with diverse logistical challenges.
  2. Payment Solutions: Many consumers in South Asia lack access to traditional banking services and prefer cash-on-delivery payment options. Daraz needed to develop secure and convenient payment solutions to cater to the preferences of its diverse customer base.
  3. Competition: Daraz faces competition from both local and international e-commerce platforms operating in South Asia.


  1. Marketplace Model: Daraz operates as a marketplace, connecting sellers and buyers on its platform. The company provides sellers with access to a large customer base.
  2. Logistics and Fulfillment: Daraz invested in developing robust logistics and fulfillment networks to ensure timely and efficient order delivery. The company partnered with third-party logistics providers, established fulfillment centers, and optimized delivery routes to improve the customer experience.
  3. Payment Solutions: Daraz introduced a variety of payment solutions to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. The company partnered with local and international brands to offer a diverse selection of products to its customers.
  4. Technology and Innovation: Daraz leveraged technology and innovation to enhance its platform and improve the user experience.
  • Daraz has transformed e-commerce in South Asia, becoming a leading online marketplace in the region.
  • The company’s strategic initiatives in logistics, payment solutions, product diversification, and technology have contributed to its growth and success.
  • Daraz has expanded its customer base, increased sales volumes, and improved the overall customer experience through its platform.

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