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Vandal Proof CCTV Making Process Which You Must Know

You need to know How To Make Your CCTV camera vandal-proof. The extensive usage of CCTV systems has led to hacking and vandalism of entire surveillance systems and their components, as is the case with much modern technology. Some intelligent people have also developed methods to “cheat the system,” designing gadgets that deflect infrared light used by cameras to make face recognition impossible. Include but aren’t limited to: a wide range of challenges

  • The intentional destruction of equipment;
  • The use of spray paint or similar chemicals to cover the lenses
  • Optoelectronics that use lasers to disable or harm eyeballs

However, CCTV installers have responded and have come up with a number of methods. That system owner may secure their investment and assure continued protection.

CCTV Vandal Proof Accessories

In order to keep your security system safe from vandals, you should consider purchasing vandal-proof cameras and equipment housings. Explosion-proof domes, CCTV vandal-proof domes, dust-proof or dust-tight housing, bulletproof housing, and pressurized housing are all examples of this type of technology. Bulletproof domes and explosion-proof domes are meant to withstand a pistol shot or even being run over by a car, whilst vandal-proof domes are designed to endure simple vandalism.

Lasers, unfortunately, are extremely sensitive to security cameras. It is possible to damage equipment and lenses using laser pointers and laser pens. Color filters can lessen the impact of a vandal aiming to harm your lenses. It’s possible to put this strategy into action to lessen the danger to your devices. The quality of an image can be degraded by numerous filters, so bear this in mind when deciding to use them.

Hidden cameras for security purposes

Another less costly method of protecting your security camera against vandalism is to conceal the equipment. If a criminal isn’t aware that your cameras are in place, they can’t do any damage to them. However, even if the cameras are there to discourage crime, they won’t do you any good. They are more likely to be ignored than taken seriously by the criminals who view them.

Hidden security cameras may be as large or as small as you like. It is possible to conceal them within other inanimate things, making them almost invisible. In certain cases, security cameras may be disguised as smoke detectors, motion detectors, and even mirrors. There are several disadvantages to using these covert security cameras, such as limited storage and short battery life. You know something is about to happen and want to “stake out” an area. This sort of technology is ideal. Concealed cameras, on the other hand, don’t have the highest resolution, so if you’re searching for high-quality photographs or films of distant things. A hidden camera may not be the ideal option.

False Flag Operations

Even if they don’t discourage vandals from breaking into your property, fake CCTV cameras are a wonderful deterrent for vandals since they keep them from destroying your genuine equipment. It may appear pricey at first, but installing false cameras around your home will save you money in the long term because your real cameras will not be damaged by this kind of security. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a secondhand shop, try looking online, at thrift stores, or even at your local landfill. As long as someone is intent on destroying your system and damaging your property, you may simultaneously defend both your real equipment and the area in which it is located.

There are a few things to bear in mind while purchasing phony security cameras. First, thieves know the difference between a real security system and a phony one. And they’ll be able to tell the difference with only one look at a dummy camera. Check CCTV auction websites if you’re looking for equipment that appears to be functioning but is really faulty. Real CCTV systems, on the other hand, do not include a red LED that shows that the system is “on,”. And an IR LED only comes on at night with an actual camera.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions About Making CCTV Camera Vandal Proof)

What makes a CCTV camera vandal-proof?

Experts built Vandal-resistant cameras to withstand hard treatment and to keep recording even if someone broke them into. Direct strikes to the cameras’ housings and lens covers will not shatter or disturb the video in the most vandal-resistant cameras, as long as they get proper protection.

Why is my CCTV so vulnerable?

For remote access to your CCTV system, a VPN connection is one of the most secure options. A VPN connection necessitates the use of VPN-enabled routers and firewalls, which are often found in high-end routers and firewalls.

What does IK10 stand for in the context of vandalism prevention?

IK10 is the highest IEC 62262 scale measurement grade for security camera equipment that defends against physical damage. The highest achievable grade, IK10, is designed to guard against a wide range of human-based damage.

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