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As China reopens its borders, nations tighten restrictions on Covid

Several countries are tightening restrictions on Covid for Chinese travelers. Even airlines are still not on board with China’s goal to end Covid Zero. Nonetheless it is an effort to cut off the country’s people from the rest of the world after Covid-19.

As China relaxes its travel quarantine rules, other nations may experience an influx of Chinese tourists. The world’s most populous nation, suffering from Covid surge, enters the Lunar New Year this month, prompting millions to trek from megacities to rural. Many nations are giving Covid restrictions for Chinese travelers an additional turn, and airlines are unwilling to support China’s goal to abolish Covid Zero, a push to isolate the country’s people after Covid-19 since 2020.

China got rid of its “Zero Covid” policy because the number of Covid deaths was low. Satellite images posted on the Internet, on the other hand, show a different picture.

Here are the five most recent updates on China’s Covid situation:

  1. After China opened its borders, some nations and the UN tightened travel restrictions. Dutch and Portuguese governments need Covid-negative for Chinese travelers upon arrival.
  2. The official number of Covid fatalities in China is 5,000, despite tales of crowded funeral homes. Doctors in China are under instructions not to mention Covid-19 as the major cause of death, as reported by NTD, a Chinese broadcasting network. The study indicated pre-medical fatalities are not in record as Covid deaths.
  3. China locked down the social media profiles of 1,000 Covid opponents before reopening its borders. Reports say that the popular social media site Sina Weibo in China said it had dealt with 12,854 violations and banned 1,120 accounts temporarily or permanently.
  4. Germany restricted non-essential travel to China because of a Covid outbreak. Foreign ministry tweets: “Non-essential China travels are discouraged. Peak Covid infections and a strained health system are to blame.” The country lags behind other EU members in post-pandemic air travel recovery.
  5. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, claimed data and information gathered through December 2022 is “extremely accurate” State-run Global Times cited him as claiming the government “has always collected, analyzed, and assessed data.”

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